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East Godavari District

Andhra Pradesh

The Very Name Of East Godavari Indicates Its Fertility And Divine Atmosphere With Well Known Kshetras Like Rajahmundry, Dowleiswaram, Dwarapudi, Balabadrapuram, Samarlakota, Pithapuram; Draksharamam, Kotipalli, Rayali, Inavilli, Mukteswaram And Annavaram Situated On The Banks And Adjucent Of Sacred River Godavari.

Amongst The Villages Anaparthi Can Be Seen Separately For Its All Rounded Development. This Village Stands On The Banks Of Sacred Godavari Tulya Bhaga River. This Village Is Devoloped Literally, Devotionally, Medically, Educationally, With Good Athletic Touch. This Village Is Situated In Between Rajahmudry And Samarlakota And There Are Buses And Trains For Travelling. In This Village There Are Tempels Of Lordsiva, Janardhana Swamy Temple, Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Vigneswara, Anjaneya And Lord Ayyapa Swamy Temple, Cetrally Located There Is Goddess Veerullamma Temple And At The Outskrts Is Goddess Bapanamma Temple.One Of The 108 Ramakoti Stupas.

Is Also Centrally Located In This Village Which Was Established By Sri Tridandi Pedda Giar Swamy. It Is Great To Mention Here That There Are Many Freedom Fighters In This Village Who Fougt Against British Rule.

It Is The First Time In Andhra Pradesh That Datta Sai Koti Mahayagnam Was Conducted In This Village Which Was Appraciated By Many Peethadipatis And Learned Pepole.

How The Name Anaparthi Originated ?

In The A.D.1390 Reddy Kings Reled Some Parts Of Southeren India Treating Rajahmudry As The Capital One Of The Reddy Kings Anapotareddy ., Son Of Kumaragiri Bhupati And Nephew Of Katayavemareddy Fought Against Estern Kings And Got Victory After His Prayers To The God Venugopalaswamy.So He Presented Anaparthi Village To The God Venugopalaswamy In The Year 1390.Trating Venugopalaswamy As This Protector And Family God Anupota King Presented A Big And Fertile Village Anuparthi To The God Conforming With And Stone Engraving. To This Village. The Eastern Side Boundary Was Kadamulapunta, Western Tadithota, Northern Vumarubanda And South Velagalapunta.Till This Day The Boundaries Are Like This With Some Modifications.

In Dues Course Of Years Anuparthi Is Called As Anaparthi.Most Of The Papulation In This Village Are Bhumanchi Reddys. Their Main Accupation Is Agriculture. There Are Two Main Canals, One Is Red Canal And Other Is Called Black Canal, Which Is Gives Abundent Of Godavari Water To The Cultivation Lands. In Due Course Of This Some People Take Up Some Traders And Industries Firm Mind And Hard Work Are The Two Mottos Of These People Giving Victory In Every Field.

In This Village It’s A Notified Future That There Are Ancient Vaidic Brahmin Families Who Belongs To Jagadguru Yagnavalakya Maharshi Dyanasty Of Kanwa Sect.

Amrutatvam Will Get To Human Beings Only By Sacrifice. Sacrifice Will Come Only Through The Service To The Mankind. Name And Fame Will Not Get By Here Actions And Duties, Not Through Their Children And Not By Money But It Will Come Only Through Secrifice. Service Is The Foundation Of Sacrifice. If There Is No View Of Sacrifice There Is No Need Of Work For Other. With This View And Motto To Devolop Hinduism This Sanathana Dharma Parirakshana Samithi Is Established.

Sanathana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi

Anaparthi - 533342

  1. Name Of The Establishment:- Sanathana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi – Anaparthi.
  2. Office And Address :- Reddy Suryanarayana Sarma

[Suresh] Dr.No. 2-1-08 , Ghandhi Nagar , Anaparthi-533342

Ph No.- 08857 – 228363

3. Aims & Activities

a) Phylosophical & Divine Activities :- Cunducted Divine Pujas In Anaparthi , Dwarapudi, Vemulapalli, Tossipudi, Kamanagaru, Razole, Nayakampalli, Kovvurupadu, Ramagundam, Kolhpur, And Shiridi. Divine And Phylosophical Books And Pamphlets Were Distributed In Those Centers.

b) Social Work Activities:- No Festival And Divinely Auspiciaous Days Bread , Milk And Fruits Are Deaing Distributed Freely To The Poor And Needy With Donations Of Donars.

c) Medecal Activities :- In Anaparthi And Balabhadrapuram Free Ayurvedic Camps Were Conducted. Medical Advices And Examinations Are Done Freely.Pamplets About Chicken Gunya And Dengu Are Printed In Villages.

d) Phylosophical & Divine Propaganda Service Programmes :- To Make The People Understand Vedic And Arsha Dharma And Culture Of Indian People ; To Propaganda Vedic Culture In Very Indian House; To Plant Tulasi Plant In Each House , Chanting Of Lakshmi Astakam In Every Home;

e) To Conduct Good And Phylosophical Congregations And Arrangements Of Vebsite Of Foreign Devotees.

To Conduct Yagna Activities, Cultural Discussions, Awards To Aritiests, To Support And Conduct Astavadhana, Satavadhana And Sahasravadana. Distribution Of Clothes To The Poor People.

f) Construtive Activities :-To Construct Dharma Parirakshna Samithi Office With Dhyanamadir And Temple To Develop As The Center For Various Divine Activities. To Make The Piople To Undersatand Devayagnam; Pitruyagnam; Brahmayagnam And Atidhiyagnam.

g) Video And Audio Advertisement :- To Go By Dharma Prachara Vehicle To Remote Village To Create Bhakthi And Devotion Among People By Means Of Television Sets And Multimedia.

h) Philosophical Liabrary :- Rare Books Of Philosophy And Culuture Of India May Be Collected And Make It As Library To Create And Develop Wisdom And Intelligence Among Children And Elders.

i) Other Activities:- Now A Days In The Society Many People Are Entangled In Many Problems And Suffering A Lot Of Mentally And Physically. If Such People Intimate The Same To This Society We Arrange Prayers And Poojas On Behalf To Them To Give Them Mental Peace . If The People Are In Distant Places We Will Arrange Poojas On Behalf Them On Their Childrens ‘ Marriage Day And On Any Other Auspicious Day With Their Money And Arrange Free Distribution Of Food On Behalf Of Theme.

With Out Thinking For Any Financial Benfit We Have Been Doing These Diving And Phylosophical Activities Through Snatana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi Since The Year 2000 Selflessly With Good Motto. But All These Activities Can Not Be Done On Single Hand. It Involves A Lot Of Physical And Financial Commitment Hence Every Indian Is Requested Here By To Contribute Financial Help With Suggestions If Ant To This Samiti For Its Devolopment And Welfare.

This Snatana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi Is Estableshed To Protect Vedic Dharma And Hidu Culture With The Blessings Of Great People And Peethadipats. This Samiti Is Established By Sri Suresh Sarma Garu In The Year 2000 And It Is Being Run With The Blessings Of Almighty And Being Protected By The Will Power Of Suresh Sarma Garu.

Hence Everbody Is Requested Humbly To Contribute Finacial To Support This Samiti For Its Future Activities To Protect Our Indian Culture .

Those Who Desires To Join In Snatana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi Kindly Contact For Details In The Following Address :

Sri Reddy Suryanarayana Sarma [Suresh]

Dr.No. : 2-01-08 ; Gandhi Nagar

Anaparthi – 533342-01

Ease Godavari District , Andhra Pradesh [India]

Phone : 08857 – 228363.

Yours Active Members

Snatana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi

Anaparthi – 533342-01

Ease Godavari District , Andhra Pradesh [India]

Phone : 08857 – 228363.

Various Phylosophical & Divine Activities Condusted By Sri Reddi Suryanarayana Sarma [Suresh] , President Of Sanathana Dharma Parirakshna Samithi, Anaparthi Branch . In Anaparthi Village For The Welfare Of Anaparthi And Surrounding Villages With The Financial Help Of Donars

1) On 9-5-2000 Datta Sayi Koti Mahayagnam {Two Crores Of Datta Sayinamam Written By Devotees In Books) Is Coducted In Dharma Sai Mandir Under The Chairmanship Of Dr.Potamsetti Ramareddy And Those Sacred Books Are Laid In The Mandir With Great Pomp.

2) On 4-2-2001 Mass Vistnu Sahasranama Parayana Yagnam (By 1000 Devotees) Is Conducted On Bhishma Ykadasi Auspicious Day With The Help Of Datta Sai Samiti And Donars.

3) On 6-1-2002 Mass Anaghastami Vratam ( By 100 Devoteees ) Is Conducted

4) From 31-03-2002 To 2003 With 250 Membership People Nava Grahajapayagnam Is Conducted

5) On 5-2-2004 Mass Sayi Chaleesa 108 Chanting Gnana Yagnam Was Conducted With 200 Devotees With The Help Of Donars And Devotees.

6) On 22-04-2005 Mass Sayi Gnana Yagnan Is Conducted With 500 Devotees In Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir, Polamuru.

7) On 22-02-2006 On Sri Panchami Day Free Aksharabhyasam Is Conducted

Jnana Saraswati Yagnan Is Also Conducted With 300 Devotees

8) On 7-12-2006 On Free Basis Mass Srimaha Lakshmi Gnana Yagnam Is Conducted With 2000 Devotees With The Help And Service Of Donars

9) For The First Time On 3-08-2007 Ashada Panchami Day Sri Lakshmi Kubera Iswarya Maha Homam Is Conducted In Anaparthi By Andhra And Other State Devotees Also.

10) On 09-01-2008 In Connection With The Tyagaraja Aradhanotsava Dr Arri Ramareddy Garu(Manasa),Rajahmundry Gave A Vivid Explanation Of “ Sri Lakshmi Vybhavam” Through Multi Media For The First Time In The District Which Is Witnessed By Thousands Of People. At That Time “Sri Lakshmi Moola Mantrajapam” Was Chanted By All The Devotees

11) In Connection With Maha Sivaratri “Laksha Bilvarchana” Was Conducted. 10,000 “Mahamrutyunjaya Mantram” Cards Are Printed And Distributed In Various Temples By The Cooperation Of Donars And Devotees.

12) On 07-04-2008 Ugadi Day Panchanga Sravanan Is Done And Panchangams Are Freely Distributed Among Devotees.

13) On 17-03-2008 Phalguna Yekadasi Day Day Sweets,Slates And Books Are Distributed To Children At Gnana Saraswati Temple Bhasara.

14) With The Donations Of This Society Members And Devotees On Auspicious Days “Annadanam” Is Being Conducted Important Kshetrams.

15) Various Devotional Pamphlets, Books Are Freely Distributed In All These Devotional Performances With The Monetary Help Of Donars And Devotees.

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